About us

Our kennel "Den Siste Greve"

I am Ivar Underberge and I own and run the kennel "Den Siste Greve" (The Last Count). I live in Berlin and Oslo. I breed Dogo Canarios. The races are just fantastic to work with. But I only have one little kennel while at the same time breeding eight female Dogo Canario and three male Dogo at the same time.

I've been breeding dogs since I was a teenager and I also work a lot with my dogs. My goal in dog-breeding is to breed the best parents among animals with outstanding psychological and physical abilities with regards to standard of race. Making sure that all the dogs I breed are calm and balanced when around people is my top priority. This is a prerequisite for the future well-being of any family dog. A dog should not be anxious or agressive without provocation. A healthy instinct to protect the family on the other hand should definitely be present, and that too is deeply embedded in both these races of dog.


Available litters can be found under puppies.

Puppies 8 weeks old are delivered along with the following:

  • Chip-marked and registered with the Kennel Club with pedigree
  • Chip-marked and registered with the Kennel Club with pedigree
  • Insured against hidden defects in Agria
  • HD-guarantee: If the puppy should develop HD and has to be put down, then the puppy buyer claims new puppy
    "Puppy-package" on the house
  • Wormcure against hookworm and roundworm
  • Discount card for puppy classes and basic course at Oslo Hundeskole, which has branches around the country
  • A separate booklet from us where we specifically describe the upbringing of a Dogo Canario puppy
  • The booklet also contains a photo album with pictures of puppy from birth until 8 weeks
  • Information material about the upbringing and care of puppy
    Medical book, with health certificate from a veterinarian and Harness and Collar
  • The puppy has gone through four ormcures upon delivery
  • Contract

    Should you want to be on the list of potential buyers, don't hesistate to contact me.


    As a breeder of strong and large dogs, like Dogo Canarios it is extra important to be responsible when deciding who gets to buy a puppy. I'm not being unnecessarily sceptic or suspicious, but I will have a 'dog-talk' with a potential buyer before I decide to sell a puppy.

    If you live far away, it is possible to do this talk per phone, but overall I'd like to meet buyers personally. There will not under any circumstances be sold any puppies from this kennel to people who obviously are not able to take care of them.